I’m Rachel, the creator of Flores Art Studio. Drawing and painting are just a few of my many hobbies and passions. I also enjoy swimming, traveling, researching, and hiking. My bachelor’s degree, from Brigham Young University, is in Sociocultural Anthropology which is the study of peoples and cultures. I enjoy discovering why people do what they do.

Art is a human expression that displays and preserves culture. Though art may not be critical to the survival of our mortal bodies, it is a form of heritage that can survive through time. I believe there is a deeper purpose to art than to beautify our homes, although that is important, too!

I am proud to be a wife, sister, and daughter. I am also an anthropologist, social innovator, and artist. I recently received my master’s degree in Public Administration from Villanova University, and love to use what I learned to serve others and create good.

I am a native of Utah, but I currently live in Philadelphia with my husband and my dog, Leo.

Thank you for supporting one of my dreams and buying art from me!